For the love of books

One thing I have always loved is reading. I had hypnotherapy last year and one of the questions the hypnotherapist asked in the initial session was do I hear, see or smell. I definitely see. When I am reading a book I am so immersed, I know exactly what that person looks like, for me it like watching a film, it’s the same when I dream its like watching TV.

As I have mentioned before, my ambition is to write books, not just one but many. I want to give to others what so many authors have given to me. I am writing this blog to share my favourite books and givers of book hangovers.

In no particular order:

Kane & Abel – Jeffrey Archer. I must have read this book at least 10 times and it never gets boring, I won’t go into detail on any of these books as I don’t want to ruin it but this really is one of the greatest stories I have ever read.

Dead Simple – Peter James. A friend of mine got me into this series and I am totally hooked. I love how each book has a few individual stories on the go and I now feel like I am personal friends with Roy Grace. If you love detective novels, this series is an absolute must.

Gangster – Lorenzo Carcaterra. One of my absolute favourite authors of all time, the writer of the true story Sleepers, which was made into a Hollywood film. I actually read Gangster before I knew this and I can honestly say I was completely blown away by this book. This is one of the few books I have read several times and each time I love it just as much. I have also read Sleepers, Street Boys, Apaches, The Wolf, A Safe Place & Chasers by this author and they are equally good, I still have a few left to read and I can’t wait.

Room – Emma Donoghue. I received this book as a Christmas present from my brother, I was a bit skeptical as he never seemed to read books, this was an amazing, moving book. I had never read anything like it before, the film is great also but there is nothing quite like the book.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn. I was fortunate enough to read this before seeing the film and oh god was it good. If you havent seen the film please read the book first, I can’t tell you why, but I can tell you I read this is 2 days!

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch. This book is beyond describing, I actually read this one on holiday in one day, I just had to know. Most of the above are thrillers but this has a large dollop of sci-fi in it, I find the whole concept of this book completely mesmerizing, I’ve read a lot of Blakes other work and also found Wayward Pines equally addictive.

When you disappeared – John Marrs. Another book I could not put down, this had me sneaking off at work as I had to know what happened. Its books like this that make me want to become a writer, I could not get enough of this book and even now want a sequel (hint to author!!)

I will leave it there (for now!) but would love to know what you guys think and if you have any book recommendations for me.