90 Day SSS Plan – The rest of the week

surprisingly, I am still on the plan. Usually, after the weekend I would have given in. Dont get me wrong, I wobbled but I was the best I have been in a very long time.


Yay! Its Friday. I got up and completed a HIIT session, go me! I rewarded myself with some bloody delicious pancakes, they would definitely be enough to make me exercise!!pANCAKES

I was supposed to have a salad for lunch which I hadn’t tried but after yesterdays debacle, I decided to have Lime & Avocado smoothie instead, which surprisingly kept me full! Plus it was easier to make, this is definitely my saviour non carb meal for when I am in a rush. For dinner I made a Beef & Sausage casserole (which I forgot to take a pic of – don’t worry I’ll be making another) I really enjoyed it, it felt like a proper dinner, the boyfriend wasnt so sure, especially when he found out they were turkey sausages!! Although the food was really nice, I was in a god awful mood over the last couple of days snappy and moody, kept apologising to my boyfriend, who was luckily understanding.


I was apprehensive about Saturday, I was going to my friends to have my nails done at lunch time so I made myself a cheese & mushroom omelette with Spinach for breakfast (yum) and took some nuts with me to eat whilst I was thereOmeletteI spent most of the time, telling my friend that I was going to the pub this afternoon to meet one of my boyfriends friends who I hadn’t met before and that I was absolutely going to drink diet coke. I must have gone over this about 20 times, obviously I was more trying to convince myself. When I got home I made myself a go-go green smoothie for lunch, I hadnt had one before but it was quick and I need to get up the pub for the diet coke (yay) The smoothie can only be described in one way, weird. It had almond butter in it, I like this but not in a drink?! I tried my best to drink it all but only managed half and scuttled down the pub, which is only a 5 minute walk from my house. I spent those 5 minutes with the angel and devil on each shoulder battling it out over having wine. As soon as I sat down I said to my boyfriend “I want wine” He returned with a glass of diet coke, damn him. I had told him under no circumstances give me wine, why was he choosing to pay attention now? I went on and on and on and on. So when it was his friends round he bought me a wine. As soon as it was in front of me, I regretted it. I didn’t even really want one, it was more the fact I couldn’t have one. What am I, five? I’ll just have this one and go home. Four wines later, my guilt free fry up I was due to have for dinner was out the window and I was ordering an indian takeaway, 2 hours later I was passed out on the sofa. Fail.


Woke up on Sunday feeling like an utter failure, moping around the house and being moody because I was frustrated and annoyed with myself. I was going to a wedding fair with my mum that afternoon, so I made a smoothie, the non nut one! and off we went, we had a drink at the wedding fair and despite there being a fully stocked bar I managed to have and actually want a diet coke, the guilt from yesterday still lingering like a bad smell. When I got home I decided no more moping and I would have that guilt free fry up after all.Fry Up

It was delicious, I will absolutely be having that again!! For dinner I made a chicken cashew curry which was lovely but really spicy! Not sure if I will be able to bring it to work.Cashew Curry

For my sunday afternoon snack, I decided to have a go at the mousse dessert as I still wanted to something sweet, this involves sugar-free jelly and cottage cheese, which I was allowed to substitute for Greek Yoghurt. I got quite excited about this, finally a dessert! I let it set until about 9pm when I leapt up and removed the almost set dessert, did I mention the amount? No? Well it filled a whole lasagne tray, yes, you read that correctly, a tray for a lasagne for 2 people. This was the portion of mousse I was told to eat, as a snack. Believe me, I gave it a good go, but got halfway through and admitted defeat. I plan to try this again next weekend and have half after lunch and the other half after dinner. (What has my life become?) Sunday was a lot more successful than Saturday, I wish I had fit some exercise in but I’ll make up for it tomorrow.


Up and at em! My final day of Cycle 1 Week 1. I was raring to go and got a hiit done at 5.30am. I decided to reward myself with a spanish omelette for breakfast. It took quite a bit longer than anticipated and didnt come out how I had imagined.IMG_6385

It was more like a hash and some bits were slightly overcooked (burnt) it was lovely and filled me up but not sure I am a fan of onions in the morning. This one I’ll have as a lunch or dinner in future. For lunch, I made the lean muscle mince, which I had for dinner last week, it was easy to make and can easily be warmed up at work, as well as being tasty. Dinner was something I had been looking forward to and almost missed in my plan as it was near the back. Cheesy Piri Piri Meatballs. With a shopload of Kale.IMG_6388

The Kale actually went really well with it and the sauce, which is made from scratch thank you very much, was lovely and had a real kick to it.

So all in all my first week went fairly well, it could have been better, but then again it could have been worse! The positive thing is that I learned a lot and have found some lovely recipes that I enjoy. I joined some Facebook groups too which are sooooo supportive and really do help keep you motivated. Plus all of my friends are being really positive and supportive, which I didn’t expect, I thought they would be getting bored of all my food pics to be honest! On the exercise front, I managed four workouts which I am pretty pleased with and I already feel slightly less wobbly. Bring on week two!



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