90 Day SSS Plan – Week 1 so far

I finally did it, I joined the Body Coach’s 90 day SSS Plan, which I have been banging on about for ages. Heres how I started.

I made the payment on the Monday and received a questionnaire to complete about my lifestyle etc. Oh shit, it was asking what I had eaten in the last 7 days. Knowing I was starting the plan, I had (another) final binge! I had literally eaten and drank like someone who had come back from a desert island. Three takeaways, chocolate & LOTS of wine, I really wanted to add at the bottom “please don’t judge me, I was final bingeing!!” I answered honestly and I also had to include photos of my front, side & back, I do not wish that viewing on anyone!! Once that was done I was told I would receive my plan within 3-5 working days.

After 2 days of checking my emails like a psycho, it came through on the Thursday, I was so excited!! I went home that night and planned my meals for the following week, went onto Sainsburys and ordered my food, ready for a Monday start. Heres how my first week went:


Woke up HANGING. I never get hangover, but I guess when you drink for 3 days solid it’s going to happen. Luckily, I hadn’t scheduled a HIIT session in today, so I dragged myself downstairs to make my first meal. Scrambled Eggs with cheese and tomatoes. My body wasnt having any of it, I got as far as the scrambled eggs but that was it, so I ate them plain. For lunch it was Chicken with Oranges & Peppers, cooked it packed it in my bag and off to work I went, hoping to feel better soon, I was shattered. I soon realised that I was going to feel better until I had some more sleep, so off back home I went, leaving my lunch in the fridge. I needed junk today, that was the only way through it, I stopped off and picked up some chocolate and spent the rest of the day on the sofa munching and watching TV. When my boyfriend came home I did make the dinner I had planned which was chicken cashew curry, but I had rice, might as well, I’d eaten everything else! Start properly tomorrow.


Woke up at 5.30 feeling fresh and ready to do some hiit training. Took the laptop into the kitchen to finally use the Body Coach DVD I had bought a while ago. Switched the laptop on and it started to update, it stayed on 15% forever so I gave up on the DVD and did one of the hiit sessions in the book. After I had showered I made myself some breakfast, a build up bagel, this one was slightly different to the one in his book, plus I had left some stuff out before but now I was going to have the whole lot.image1

As you can see, it is HUGE. I could only manage to eat half of it and I felt pretty queasy after. I had a snack of nuts about 10am and then for lunch I had the chicken orange and pepper salad from yesterday, it was ok but I’m not really a salad fan, plus I was still full from that colossal bagel. I had an apple about 4pm as a snack (you need to have 2 snacks a day, which for me will be 30g nuts & a piece of fruit) For dinner I had lean muscle mince, I was a bit unsure whilst making it as it had bbq sauce in and I’m not overkeen on it I was to have this with kale, A LOT of kale. I can’t tell you how many times I checked the recipe as I couldn’t even fit all the kale on my plate, it was pretty much a whole pack, but I ate it and it was all actually delicious. I was really craving sugar though, you cant even have it in tea, which is what I usually have if I want something sweet.image2



Even more raring to go this morning and a bit more organised after a nice early night. I got the DVD on Oh. My. God. That was hard! I was only on level one, I thought I was much fitter than that. Jesus. Had my breakfast of overnight oats, which I had made the night before. It was divine! Plus it was quite sweet so gave me my sugar hit. Bonus.image3 Got to work and received some idiotic emails, I do wonder how some people dress themselves in the morning without asking someone how to do it, for some reason I felt a huge anger in me for most of the morning. My lunch was spicy lean turkey mince, I’d been a bit dubious in the morning whilst cooking this, as I had never had turkey mince before, it looked weird, however it was yummy, so another meal I really enjoyed.image4 I had a friend coming over for dinner and had stated that I wasnt drinking but she could if she wanted to. On the way home from work I had an argument with my boyfriend, nothing huge just silly, we were both tired and irritable, but it was enough to send me over the edge and into a (few) glasses of wine. Oops. I did however stick to making the chicken stir fry, which was nice but I forgot to put a couple of things in, so need to try that one again.


Alarm goes off at 5, my legs and arms feel like lead, there is no way I can do a workout, I’m in too much pain. I resolve to swap my rest day and exercise on Saturday instead, this meant also swapping breakfast, so instead of protein pancakes, I would be having a lime and avocado smoothie. It was delicious, another one for the list, there was lots of it and I was concerned it was going to fill me up but it did, I even had my morning snack a bit later than usual. I was really really dubious about the lunch, but I wanted to try new things. I had gone for the chicken and cauliflower salad, I made a few errors in making this, firstly, I think I should have used more oil cooking the cauliflower and also chopped them smaller as they came out looking like they’d been in a pub brawl, secondly, it said you needed courgette ribbons and carrot ribbons, well I only had them whole, so I chopped them into sticks. Later on I read that you can use a peeler to make ribbons. DOH. I also had a to make a dressing, now I am not a fan of dressing but I thought I would be brave and give it a go. The dressing consisted of greek yoghurt, a splash of water and tahini. Do you know what tahini is, because I didn’t, on the jar it mentioned humus, which I despise, but when I read it, it said sesame seed paste. It couldn’t be that bad! I think I had worked myself up a little bit about this as I ate the chicken and picked at the veg. I’ll give this one another go maybe at home where I can make something else on plan if I decide against it. As you can see it does not look very appetising! img_6350I was quite excited to make my dinner of teriyaki salmon, I’ve only just started eating salmon over the last couple of years and quite enjoy it. I was having it with Courgetti which I had never had before. The boyfriend said the salmon’s flavour was impaired as I had frozen it (to avoid it going off) I didn’t think there was enough teriyaki flavour and the courgetti was a bit watery, I’ll still give this one another go too though.fullsizerender

So after getting off to a rocky start, I feel like I am getting into it now.



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