My lean in 15 progress

I am so relieved that Moany Monday is over, it didn’t really get any better until I got home.

I had to do the trek to get my car, which involved a train journey so slow I’m sure I could have walked quicker, at one point it sat for 10 minutes just outside the station I needed to get off at and I had no phone signal to call my taxi driver to let him know, I felt like summoning my inner hulk and tearing the doors apart.

Then, what should have been a 5 minute cab journey (which I would have walked but the car was in a pub car park in the middle of nowhere) took 25 minutes. I was sorely tempted to go straight in the pub and order myself a bottle of wine. I didn’t, I got in my car and drove home, cursing any driver that got in my way.

But enough of that, as I said moany Monday is over and I have woken up with a much more positive outlook, much to my boyfriends delight, I’m not sure he could handle another day of it.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning with the headache that’s been haunting me on and off since Saturday, yesterday I took to the internet to self diagnose, I do love a bit of self diagnosis. Apart from the obvious brain tumour, I found something interesting and what could actually be the cause, lack of Sugar and/or carbs. My “old” diet was heavy in both, I’d have both in the same meal if possible, twice and although I’m not a fan of microwave meals, sometimes life (or my disorganisation) demanded them, that or a takeaway, both of which I’m told, are high in sugar and potentially carbs.

How is this fair? Your body should really punish you with headaches when you eat sugar and it can only be soothed by eating broccoli. I get it though, well now I do. Every time previously when I’ve tried to be healthy, I’ve started to feel unwell, so I have been convinced that my body defeats medical science & I actually need booze & burgers rather than good wholesome food, turns out I was wrong.

The reason I know this is because after only just 2 weeks of (mostly) following the lean in 15 I have felt bloody amazing, I’ve not only felt better physically, but mentally, especially mentally, I noticed even more when I did eat something processed or sugary and ESPECIALLY when I drank alcohol. To me all this is worth a couple of headaches, it’s just my body throwing a tantrum because it can’t have sweets, just like a child.

Now I know that I keep harping on about the leanin15 plan but I am enjoying it so much! I have learnt more about food just reading the first chapters of his books, than I have in my entire life, it’s actually readable, interesting and most importantly it makes sense. The key to it is being organised, I plan my week out, in a very handy health planner that my OCD friend bought me, I decide when its more convenient for me to exercise and then plan my meals around this, then I shop for the week so that everything is there ready to be made, it also gives you a bit of lee way if for example you get stuck at work on a Tuesday and don’t have time to exercise as planned, you then just swap that to another day, along with the meal, it really is as easy as that.

Then you have the exercises, which is why I got up at 5.30 this morning, it’s not because it takes long, it’s because I hate rushing around, I need to exercise, shower, drink my hot water with lemon whilst watching GMB, make my lunch, get ready and have my breakfast, all whilst not feeling like I am running late.

I have been doing the training in shown in the first book, but there are lots online. The cardio Hiit  takes 15 mins, you will be sweating pretty quickly but then before you know it, it’s over. The resistance hiit takes 30 minutes and you will need some hand weights, I bought a set of three for about £20 and I have just gone up a weight, yay me! Even with this, you still work up a sweat but because of the intervals, it feels like no time at all.

So there you have it, although I fell off the wagon slightly last week but I found it easy to jump back on and more to the point, I actually wanted to.


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