Moany Monday

Monday is back and I’m pretty sure it’s punishing me for being naughty over the weekend.

Firstly I woke up thinking it was Sunday, then quickly realised it was Monday & I had left my car at the pub yesterday after lunch with my friend. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but now, in the cold light of day, I realised I would have to faff about on a Monday night going to pick it up.

I went to make my lunch (chicken with chipotle paste & salad for those if you who are interested, I am now quite addicted to chipotle paste) whilst doing this I dropped pretty much everything I picked up and banged every part of my body on some cupboard or drawer.

I took my bruised body upstairs with my hot water and lemon, careful not to trip and pour it over myself, I switched on the TV, ready to watch Good Morning Britain – I find Piers Morgan strangely entertaining (I know) – only to find the sky Q mini box wasn’t connecting (again) I had already reset the bloody thing twice in the last week! After 10 minutes of me switching off plugs upstairs and downstairs, stomping around, that was finally sorted (I also managed to call Sky all the names under the sun, none of them flattering)

I took my photos of my body, as I had decided to start cycle one again and you do this instead of weighing yourself. Dammit! I still looked fat. I think I was expecting to see some difference/miracle but realistically that’s not going to happen, after all I had consumed half of oddbins this weekend!

I went to put my dress on for work and i heard a loud rip. ARRRRGGGHHHHH I’d ripped my bloody dress trying to squeeze my bum in. I was trying very hard not to throw a tantrum or shout at my boyfriend for absolutely no reason as if this was somehow his fault. I changed into a more, loose-fitting dress and then made my way to board the (delayed) train, but on the plus side I did get a seat.

I’m really trying to be positive but I think that’s causing my headache. The thing I am most annoyed about is me. I am annoyed with myself for drinking too much, even though I am now fully aware it makes me miserable the following day. Ok so I don’t get a hangover in the sense of feeling sick or ill, but I do get the boozy blues. Its become more apparent since I have been doing the lean in 15. All this fresh food and healthy eating left me feeling great, almost high. I miss it.


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