The final binge

After wobbling on the wagon on Friday, yesterday I came completely off and got run over by it. 

I started off so well, according to the regime, I should have reduced carbs until after I had exercised. Having not done a food shop since the following weekend, I didn’t have many options, so I settled for 5 slices of Bernard Matthews turkey breast & a rather brown banana, which was actually surprisingly filling. My boyfriend was out taking one of the children to football so I begged him to get some eggs so that I didn’t succumb to another sausage roll from the bakers, which is what they were all having. 

He returned with the much sought after eggs but I was so preoccupied with making sure I had everything I needed on my shopping list that I forgot to have lunch & set off to Sainsbury’s lunchless. 

By the time I got halfway round my head was pounding and I felt really weak. I just wanted to get out of there, but I needed to go to Argos to pick up the weights & bench I had ordered for cycle two of the regime. Which were pretty tricky to get in the car, typically some random Sainsbury’s worker decided to ask me if I was ok & needed help, just as I’d slid the bench into place on the back seat, then telling me I shouldn’t have done it that way. Yeah thanks mate! 

By the time I got home it felt like someone was trying push through my forehead, I was tired & I was irritable. I didn’t want eggs, I wanted cheese on toast & a glass of wine, I settled for cheese on toast & a cup of tea as it was only 3:30, I wasn’t concerned about drinking at this hour, I was concerned about running out of wine. 

I didn’t actually enjoy the cheese on toast if I’m honest and wish I’d have made myself a smoky omelette. I still felt ropey so I took a couple of tablets and went for a lie down to binge watch “finding carter” I decided that I couldn’t be bothered to cook myself a healthy dinner and would indulge in the fortnightly tradition in our house of having an Indian takeaway. Then it came to me, I’ve been pretty rubbish with booze & food over the last couple of days, what I need is what I call the “final binge” it’s the day before you start a new healthy eating regime and you basically have all the things you want, for example today, I am going to a wedding fair & then for lunch with one of my bridesmaids. I can have a full blown roast AND a naughty dessert and whatever else takes my fancy.

Trouble is, that all seemed well and good last night, but as I am writing this, I’m thinking about how I’ve been feeling the last couple of days when I haven’t stuck to it and I’m not sure if the final binge is actually worth it? Booze is bad! 


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