Wobbling on the Wagon

The dentist has a lot to answer for. Not only was it a traumatising situation, it also led me to fall off my health wagon. As you know, I treated myself to a sausage baguette yesterday (maybe I said roll before, lets just call it a “baton”) The fun didnt stop there, I had an omelette for lunch, as per the #leanin15 cookbook, then went onto five pieces of fudge, four jaffa cakes and several ritz crackers. This episode of bingeing exhausted me and I fell asleep, whilst watching a B horror movie. I then woke up just before the boyfriend got home, cooked him pork chops with creamy greens (and a secret side of mash potato, whcih I wasnt supposed to have. Sleeping is apparently not cardio)  A while later I have sucumbed to several heaped teaspoons of Nutella, this was not going well.

I felt groggy and sluggish, this must be all the wine I drank the previous night, damn those grapes!!! I am now avoiding wine. 14 hours later, I meet a friend for lunch and ordered a bottle of sav blanc. I did however, avoid the Jalapeno cheeseburger, whcih I love, and went for the chicken superfood salad, yes, I ordered a salad, I am no longer dodging them, just occasionally sidestepping them.

Now although I hadn’t eaten a single carbohaydraye, I had drank pretty much a bottle of wine in my lunch hour (and half) and with no Jalapeno burger to soak it up, things weren’t as they should be.

I passed out in bed at 8pm and woke up at 6am this morning feeling fed up with a small eruption of spots on my jawline. Why did I booze yesterday? What was the point? I lve been feeling so good on the regime and now I feel crappy & groggy, but I’m not going to let this drag me down. I’m going to get myself out of bed and get myself a hot water & lemon and see what I can get myself for a healthy breakfast.


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