Two days of Terror

I had to face a rather big fear of mine today. The dreaded dentist.

I haven’t been for five years, I know shocking right. Obviously no one actually likes going to the dentist, but I have an irrational fear that makes me avoid it altogether. The last time I went it, one of my back teeth had broken, I didn’t go then, I went a few months later when it started becoming unbearably painful, I had to have root canal. During the procedure I flinched and ended up swallowing some weird orange stuff they were using and it ended up coming out of my nose for the rest of the day, it was vile and I felt very sorry for myself. This being my last memory of visiting the dentist, I am sure you can understand why I had avoided it.

I have unintentionally given myself two days of terror as yesterday I had to go for a smear test, which is never pleasant, especially since the last 2 years the results have come back positive and I have had to go to hospitals for a biopsy. Thankfully, both times they have come back clear.

I broke up these “fun” visits by going to see my best friend last night, she cooked me a nice healthy dinner still sticking to my regime, although perhaps sharing 3 bottles of red wine isnt. Oops. I left the car there and got a taxi home, convinced that because the driver was avoiding the main roads, that he was going to kidnap me, this led me to send several bizarre drunken message to my boyfriend, telling him to track me on find your friends. I don’t even remember getting in! Luckily I don’t get hangovers but I did feel rather tired and groggy this morning and its put the plan for the day out of sorts, I didn’t do my Cardio Hiit this morning, I havent had my green tea (to blast my belly fat) and I didn’t have the right breakfast. But I am back on in it now, I’ll do my Cardio on Saturday and make myself a nice carb lunch instead and just make sure I am good for the rest of the day.

I got an appointment at the same time as my boyfriend, that way if there was anything too traumatising he would be there to deal with my meltdown, plus there was less chance of me backing out, which I definitely thought about. The dentist was lovely and introduced herself as she settled me in the chair of doom. She took a look at my teeth, nothing wrong with them (Yay) she wanted to take some x-rays as I was a new patient. She put these little weird square things on a stick and put them in my mouth. Now as I have mentioned before, I have really crap gag reflex , so it took everything I had to not to gag in her face (hint for fellow crap gaggers, swallow a lot) then came the bit I was dreading, the clean. Its nice when its done but it seems to take forever. She gave me some plastic specs to wear – Just how dirty were my teeth???- and off she went. God I hate it, I felt my entire body tense, come on you can deal with this, how about some breathing exercises? Nope bit difficult when you got a mini Dyson in your mouth. Think about the wedding. Nope, Mini dyson is back and he’s sucking up your tongue. Think about what you’ll write in your blog. Nope bit of dribble going down your chin. Thankfully it wasnt too terrible and I managed to survive so I rewarded myself with a sausage in a roll from the bakers for breakfast, I know I know but I deserved it.


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